Wednesday 7 July 2010

Finally the blooms

I was, and still am fasicinated with the hibiscus flower. I do not know why but i like these. I have alwyas wanted to grow these. This year I finally it survived (I had bought a plant last year too but it couldn't survive) and  have few blooms too :)

The nursery guy didn't knew which color or type it was (As always have to buy plants just on luck) I wanted to have a yellow or orange colored hibiscus but this one is beautiful too(Isn't It) I am happy with it .


  1. Oh, it is just beautiful Zindagi!
    Love the color.

  2. Your hibiscus is pretty! I'm waiting for my orange hibiscus to flower ! Previously it was infested by mealy bugs!

  3. That figures, doesn't it? I'm yearning to grow all those lovely temperate blooms you have growing wild for you and you want to grow my common hibiscus! :D
    But yes, you're right, it is lovely. And the fact that it isn't yellow or orange gives you the perfect excuse to go buy one more, right? ;D

  4. It's the same here. About the nurseries, I mean. We buy the plants without knowing the proper name and end up googling forever:(

    Love your hibiscus. Pretty shade.

  5. Beautiful. It is my favorite flower too.

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