Saturday 9 April 2011

Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project

I have been gardening now since last 2-3 years. I try my best to use old bottles,cans etc as containers for my plants. I use plastic water bottles  to propagate plants and share with my friends. Last year, All my spring seeds were sowed in these bottles only.

As i do not have much land for my garden, I am trying to establish a roof top garden. I have got few barrels cut into half in which i am growing some Tulips, hyacinth,asiatic lily and veggies like Brinjal, capsicum, pepper, squash etc. Though this year i am still waiting for the seedlings. I have never ever used any chemical spray or fertilizer in my garden all I use is yard manure. I have also established my small compost pit and I think by next month compost will be ready for use.

Some soil management/amendment techniques like using Panchagavya, jiwamrit, compost etc have  been listed in "Taking roots" here which are all inexpensive and ultimately help to improve the soil condition.


My this year Plans are:

1. Growing my own food : Coriander, Brinjal, Capsicum, gourd, bitter gourd, squash,tomatoes, cucumbers etc all have been sowed and will be planted in next few weeks.

2. Using less expensive pots and containers: I believe in recycling things and try to use plastic pots barrels etc for my plants. I am planing to plant my veggies in plastic paint boxes this year.

3. Using no Cemical fertilizer and sprays.

4. Saving seeds and sharing with friends : I stop dead heading my plants near fall and save seeds which i share with my friends and family

Many thanks to Jan@Thanks for Today , She is hosting a Annual Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project, in which she had  asked garden bloggers to share things, we are doing or plan to do in our gardens to help the environment. This post is my entry and hope to see yours too.


  1. hello Zindagi! I am inspired by your recycled pots. They look nice. And all the best to your roof top garden and what you have planned for this year. Happy gardening!

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  3. Good gardening practise and plan! Happy gardening!

  4. Hi Zindagi, I like all of your earth-saving techniques;-) I hope your compost is starting to look good enough to spread it in your garden. It is so much better than fertilizer;-) Thanks for joining in my project! Jan

  5. that is a great plan! good luck - looking forward to reading about how it goes.
    do you find it easy to make drainage holes in plastic containers? that's one thing that has kept me off recycling plastic bowls for the garden.